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KCSDV Hosts National Consultant for Training on Sexual Assault in the Military

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Topeka, KS, 2/11/2014 - Pamela Jacobs, J.D., national consultant specializing in sexual assault and domestic violence intervention and prevention, will be in Topeka on Wednesday to present the training, “The Hidden Wounds of War: Responding to Sexual Assault in the Military.” Over 100 professionals from across Kansas, including advocates, military personnel, law enforcement, attorneys, prosecutors, medical personnel and other professionals who work with survivors of sexual assault, will be trained as part of the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence’s 11th Annual Safe Homes, Safe Streets event. Ms. Jacob’s training will kick-off the week’s activities intended to raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault in Kansas. 

Pamela Jacobs is an attorney, advocate, speaker, and consultant. She recently served as the executive director of the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, as a Consultant with an area Air Force Base, and also served as KCSDV’s Immigration and Outreach Project Attorney. Pam provides extensive trainings to military personnel and command staff, as well as civilian advocates and service providers, about responding to survivors of sexual and domestic violence in the military. (Learn more about Ms. Jacobs and her services at pamelajacobs.com).

During her training on Wednesday, Ms. Jacobs will speak about the prevalence of sexual assault in the military; unique barriers and struggles experienced by survivors in the military; new Department of Defense policies and legislation aimed at improving the response to and preventing sexual assault in the military; dynamics of sexual assault in the context of abuse within military families; and enhancing collaboration between military and civilian service providers. According to a 2011 Newsweek report, women are more likely to be sexually assaulted by a fellow soldier than killed in combat. 

“We are excited to have Ms. Jacobs return to Kansas to deliver this critical message about sexual assault in the military,” said Joyce Grover, executive director of the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence. “Sexual assault in the military is a complex problem that is receiving increased attention nationally and in Kansas,” Grover says, “and this training is one step in KCSDV’s effort to improve responses to survivors of sexual assault.” 

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