Board of Directors

Mark Schreiber, President

Westar Energy
Mark is a native Kansan originally from Garden City and now calls Emporia home. He’s a graduate of Emporia State University with degrees in biology, but works in public and government affairs for Westar Energy. His “aha” moment for the prevention of sexual and domestic violence came during an employee United Way meeting in the 1980’s when an employee of SOS, Inc. in Emporia told a story of a young child at their shelter. Mark has repeated that story countless times at fundraisers and other meetings. Years later, Mark joined the board of directors of SOS, which eventually led him to serve on the board at KCSDV. He hopes by adding his voice, the silence of the violence will be broken.


Bob Vancrum, Vice President

Vancrum Law Firm LLC
A Native Kansan born and raised in Butler County but now a Johnson County resident, Bob has practiced law in Kansas, and represented and advised many public and private entities in governmental consulting and trade associations on tax, business issues and legislation for over 30 years. Bob served in the Kansas Legislature as a Representative, then as a Senator for a total of 16 years ending in 1996. He was on the appropriating committees of each chamber for a total of 10 years. Having been a partner in different large Kansas City law firms, in 2009, Bob founded his own firm, Vancrum Law Firm, LLC. He has offices in Overland Park.

Bob has long volunteered with both SAFEHOME and MOCSA (both KCSDV members) since the early 1990s. He and his wife of 43 years, Joyce, co-chaired the steering committee for SAFEHOME’s successful capital campaign as well as helped with other fundraising efforts by both organizations.

He also says he was “privileged” to have co-authored with Gene and Peggy Schmidt, the sexual predator legislation in the late 1990s later upheld by the US Supreme Court with similar legislation now passed in 37 other states.

Bob thinks he has done little compared to the time, tears and active work of those with lifetimes in this cause or compared to the dedication of KCSDV and the 29 local programs across the state. Unfortunately, Bob says, far too many victims have suffered needlessly, too many men view this as a women’s issue, and, he says, we have SO MUCH MORE to do to stop the scourge of domestic and sexual violence.

Bob has served on the KCSDV Board of Directors since 2009.


Kathy Williams, Secretary

Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center

Kathy Williams is a life-long Kansan. She graduated from Wichita State University where she earned a BA in English Literature. Not long after graduation, she recognized her passion was in social services and started working in that area. In 1989, Kathy was hired as the Coordinator of Victim Services at the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center and worked in that position until 1994. She returned to WASAC in 1999 as Executive Director. In 2002, Kathy completed a master’s degree in Social Work.


Elizabeth Miller, CFA, Treasurer

Kansas Public Employees Retirement System
Liz served on the Advisory Board and the Board of Directors of Women's Transitional Care Services in Lawrence. She holds a PhD in American Studies from the University of Kansas. Her dissertation research project was a history of the early years of the battered women's movement in the US. Liz is an investment professional with nearly 30 years of experience in the trust and investment management field. She has earned the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst.


Natalie Haag

Capitol Federal Savings
Natalie's passion for protecting victims of domestic and sexual violence started shortly after she graduated from law school in 1985 when she began representing victims of domestic violence as they sought protection from abuse orders. Later Natalie served as the first prosecutor for the domestic violence docket after the mandatory arrest policy for domestic violence incidents was implemented in the City of Wichita. Natalie is glad to be working on this important issue again. Natalie currently serves as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Capitol Federal Savings Bank in Topeka.


Kathleen Urbom

Urbom Law Offices Chartered
Kathleen Urbom was born in Ft. Riley, KS to a large family and moved many places as part of her father's military career, including 7.5 years in Germany. She graduated from St. Mary of the Plains College in Dodge City, KS with a dual B.A. in history and psychology and from Washburn School of Law in Topeka with a J.D. In addition to her day to day practice in business formation, governance, contracts and probate, she represented special education students for over 20 years with school districts across the state. Ms. Urbom, through her study of history, family and client exposure, has a deep awareness of the burdens, barriers and consequences of abusive relationships, especially as they relate to community processes and outcomes: education, legal, social, financial and military. She has served on the KCSDV Board since 2011 as part of the fulfillment of her belief that the manner in which a society treats their most vulnerable will be reflected in all aspects of behavior, directly or indirectly, and ultimately affect the success of that society and its survival.


Laura Patzner

Family Crisis Center, Inc.
Laura Patzner is the executive director of the Family Crisis Center, Inc. in Great Bend, a dual program providing services for both domestic and sexual violence survivors. Laura began her career as a child advocate working with children who were impacted by domestic and sexual violence then working with survivors, their families and friends. Through her 22 years, Laura has worked in all facets of programming until being named the executive director in 2006. Laura is honored to work with KCSDV as they educate systems, support programs and engage communities to create safe homes and safe streets across Kansas.


Amber Steinbeck

Husch Blackwell, LLP
Amber Steinbeck is a partner with the law firm of Husch Blackwell LLP in Kansas City, where she practices law in the area of general business litigation. She has long been an activist against sexual and domestic violence, first as a volunteer legal advocate for Quanada Women’s Shelter in the mid-1990’s, more recently serving as a legal volunteer for Kansas City area women veterans, and currently representing various victims of violence on a pro bono basis. She was recognized for her pro bono work in 2011 by inclusion on the “Missouri Bar Pro Bono Wall of Fame”. She further advocates for women and victim’s rights as a member of the board of directors of the Association for Women Lawyers of Greater KC, as co-chair of Judicial and Community Support sub-committees, and as a member of Husch Blackwell’s Women’s Initiatives sub-committee. Based in part on her community and civic efforts, Amber was recently named as an “Influential Woman of 2012” by the Kansas Business Magazine. Amber is proud to serve on the KCSDV board of directors, a board member since 2011, and enthusiastically serves on the KCSDV Fund Development Committee. .

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