Fall 2013 Newsletter - Page 2

Welcome to New Executive Directors of Kansas Programs

Rasmita Patro, Kansas City

Ms. Patro has a Masters in Home Economics and an Associate Degree in Accounting. She started with Friends of Yates Della Gill/Joyce H. Williams Center in Kansas City, Kansas in 2004. Over these 9 years of service she served as Office Manager, Associate Director and Assistant Director/Grants Manager. Ms. Patro has extensive experience in office management, financial administration, grant management, volunteer supervision and etc. Over the past two years Ms. Patro has been shadowing Ms. LaDora Lattimore, Executive Director/CEO to lead the organization upon Ms. Lattimore’s retirement set for December of 2013. The Board of Directors of FOY voted for Ms. Patro to serve as Executive Director/CEO effective January 2014. While she has big shoes to fill, we are thrilled to have Ms. Patro there to continue the work of the FOY program in Kansas City.

Joanna Zimmerman, Dodge City

Ms. Zimmerman started as the Executive Director of the Crisis Center of Dodge City in March of this year. Ms. Zimmerman, a lawyer and former prosecutor, came to Kansas most recently from New Mexico. She has worked at other domestic violence programs and brings that experience with her to the Dodge City program. She filled the executive director position there that had been open for a year.

Janene Radke, Garden City

Ms. Radke started at Family Crisis Services in Garden City as a hotline volunteer in 2008 and then transitioned to advocacy positions over the next several years. Prior to becoming executive director, Ms. Radke was the assistant director of FCS. Ms. Radke began her tenure as the Executive Director in January of this year, and brings a great deal of compassion, commitment and enthusiasm to her new role.

Lori Hensley, Liberal

Ms. Hensley started as the Executive Director of Liberal Area Rape Crisis and Domestic Violence Services in September 2013. She has extensive experience in grant writing, compliance, and management in both the government and education systems. Ms. Hensley looks forward to being a voice for survivors who are not able to talk publicly about the impact of domestic violence and sexual assault. She’s bringing great skills and determination to her new job.

Angela Lampe, Wichita

Ms. Lampe worked as an advocate at the YWCA Women’s Crisis Center in Wichita from 2002-2004. After leaving that position, Ms. Lampe served as the Director of Operations for the Workforce Alliance of Southcentral Kansas for several years. Ms. Lampe came back to the YWCA as the executive director in December of 2012. We are sure she brings with her a great understanding of advocacy as well as the knowledge of how critical economic security is for survivors of domestic violence.

Chrissy Heikkila, Lawrence

Ms. Heikkila has worked at the GaDuGi SafeCenter for the last 4 years, holding the positions of Regional Outreach Coordinator, Director of Community Education and Associate Director. This past summer, she took on another big role with GaDuGi as she agreed to be the interim executive director. Ms Heikkila’s prior experience includes work on child literacy, life skills for at risk youth, and administrative work at a domestic violence program. She replaces the prior long-time executive director of the Lawrence rape crisis center.

Join us in giving all of the new executive directors a big welcome!

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