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Laurie Harrison joins KCSDV as our new Statewide SANE/SART Coordinator. Previously she worked with nurses and other hospital staff during her employment as a marketing and communications specialist at St. Francis Health Center in Topeka. She also served as KCSDV’s communications coordinator from 2004-2008. She brings years of experience in public relations, writing and editing, coordinating and project management and is excited to return to KCSDV.

Shawna Springstead joined KCSDV in June 2013 in the position of Director of Finance and Administration. She worked with the City of Topeka for the last several years and prior to that had experience with a small nonprofit. Shawna brings great experience and dedication to this complicated and important position at KCSDV.

Elaine Sherrick, former Director of Finance and Administration, retired on June 30th, 2013. She has long been a familiar face to local programs and collaborative partners, dedicating 15 years to KCSDV. We would like to thank her for her tireless and often late night work managing the very important but often overlooked administrative aspects of our work. KCSDV will miss Elaine, but we wish her the best in her retirement.

Creating a Workplace Response to Sexual and Domestic Violence

KCSDV hosted a one-day seminar for business owners and human resources professionals on addressing sexual and domestic violence in the workplace, including: sexual and domestic violence and stalking in the workplace, recognizing signs of abuse in the workplace, incident management and response, workplace safety plans, and responding to Orders for Protection. The seminar was sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas and the Society for Human Resource Management, Topeka Chapter #0428.

KCSDV Trainings

For more information, visit www.kcsdv.org/train.html

November 5, 2013 Outreach Alliance: Working with and Providing Advocacy Services to Survivors with Disabilities Webinar Outreach Alliance & DV/SA Program Advocates
November 6-8, 2013 Program Council & Leadership Meeting Wichita DV/SA Program Executive Directors
November 14, 2013 Stalking and Protection Order Webinar DV/SA Program Advocates
November 18-20, 2013 Sexual Assault Advocacy Course (SAAC) Emporia DV/SA Program Advocates
November 21, 2013 Immigration Network Webinar Webinar Immigration Network
December 2- 6, 2013 Rural 40-Hour SANE/SART Adult & Adolescent Course Hays Nurses, Law Enforcement, DV/SA Program Advocates, SART Members, & Other Professionals
December 9, 2013 KCSDV Resource Review: The Domestic Violence Manual for Child Welfare Professionals Webinar Child Welfare Professionals & DV/SA Program Advocates
December 12, 2013 In Stealth Mode: An Interactive Illustration of Stalking and Intimate Partner Abuse Topeka DV/SA Program Advocates


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