Protection Orders/Housing/Civil Justice/Criminal Justice/Disability

Kansas Protection Order Manual PDF (available to Program Advocates or request from KCSDV)
Protection from Abuse Orders PDF HTML
Protection from Stalking Orders PDF HTML
Protection Order Guided Interview
10 Guiding Principles for Assisting with Protection Orders PDF (available to Program Advocates)
Frequently Asked Questions about PFA and PFS Orders PDF HTML
Protection from Abuse Orders in the State of Kansas:
A Guide for Advocates
Available by request to KCSDV
A Prosecutor's Guide for Protective Order Violations and Felony Stalking in Kansas PDF
Did You Leave Your Job Because of DV? PDF HTML
Taking Time Off from Work to Address Domestic and Sexual Violence Issues PDF HTML
Accessing Safety Initiative HTML (available to Program Advocates)
Kansas Civil Legal Assistance for Victims Manual PDF (available to Program Advocates)
Criminal Justice Manual for Advocates PDF (available to Program Advocates)
Kansas Statutes HTML (available to Program Advocates)
Comparison of Definitions of Sexual Assault DV, Abuse & Other Information Contained in Various Kansas Statutes PDF (available to Program Advocates)

En Español

Órdenes de Protección Contra Abusos (PFA) PDF HTML
Protección contra el Acecho (PFS) PDF HTML
Orden de Protección Entrevista Guiada
Preguntas Frecuentes Sobre la Protección Contra el Abuso y la Protección Contra el Acoso (Frequently Asked Questions about PFA and PFS Orders) PDF HTML
¿Tuvo que abandonar su trabajo por ser víctima de violencia doméstica? (Did you have to leave your job because of domestic violence?) PDF HTML
Licencia Laboral para Atender Asuntos Relacionados con Violencia Doméstica y Sexual (Taking Time Off from Work to Address Domestic and Sexual Violence Issues) PDF HTML

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