DV & SA General Information

KCSDV Brochure PDF
Power and Control Wheel PDF
Information About Stalking Brochure PDF
Safety Planning Brochure PDF
Domestic Violence Brochure PDF
Supporting a Victim of Domestic Violence Brochure PDF
Domestic Violence and the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act: What Every Law Enforcement Officer and Domestic Violence Advocate Should Know PDF
Sexual Violence Brochure PDF
If You Have Been Sexually Assaulted PDF
Supporting a Victim of Sexual Violence Brochure PDF
Sexual Assault Forensic Exam PDF
Sexual Violence Against Older Adults PDF
If You Are Older and Have Been the Victim of Sexual Violence PDF
Know Your Rights: A Guide for Sexual Assault Survivors PDF

In Spanish

KCSDV Información (KCSDV Brochure) PDF
Plan de Seguridad Información (Safety Planning brochure) PDF
Violencia Doméstica (Domestic Violence) PDF
Si Usted ha Sufrido una Asalto Sexual (If You Have Been Sexually Assaulted) PDF
El Examen Forense por Asalto Sexual (Sexual Assault Forensic Exam Brochure) PDF
Información Sobre el Acecho (Information About Stalking) PDF
Cómo Apoyar a una Víctima de Violencia Doméstica (Supporting a Victim of Domestic Violence) PDF
Cómo Apoyar a una Víctima de Asalto Sexual (Supporting a Victim of Sexual Assault) PDF
Poder y Control (Power and Control Wheel) PDF
Violencia Sexual (Sexual Violence Brochure) PDF
La Violencia Sexual Contra Los Adultos Mayores (Sexual Violence Against Older Adults) PDF

In Vietnamese

KẾ HOẠCH AN TOÀN (Safety Planning Brochure) PDF HTML
Bạo hành Gia đình (Domestic Violence) PDF HTML

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