Summer 2011 Newsletter

Message from KCSDV Executive Director

Today's atmosphere in Kansas and at KCSDV seems to be about change and transition, but also about strengths and priorities.

Just over two years ago, KCSDV changed its Board of Directors structure to reflect the need for more community input and support in the Coalition's statewide work. At the same time, the structure kept the Coalition’s vital and formal link with programs through creation of the Program Council made up of representatives from sexual assault and domestic violence programs.

Two years ago, the Program Council approved Core Services Guidelines for sexual assault and domestic violence services in Kansas. Knowing that few of the programs were yet at "optimum" services, the programs created a model that would allow them to reach and build for services that "every victim, every time" deserves and should have. One year ago, KCSDV began a new and revised accreditation process that will take Kansas programs toward these optimum services for survivors and their children, regardless of where they live in the state.

In August of 2010, KCSDV’s long-time executive director left the organization for other opportunities. Whew!

And, these changes do not include a change in the Governor’s office, in state administrative agencies, and in the Judicial Branch.

In the face of these changes, KCSDV remains strong and dynamic. The Board is launching a fundraising plan this fall to build consistency and stability for the Coalition and to develop resources for the programs. The Program Council is meeting regularly and restarting its committee work to improve program administration and advocacy support and to provide guidance to KCSDV on program needs. The state steering committee on primary prevention is moving toward a state strategic plan for ending domestic and sexual violence. The Coalition staff is fabulous and filled with great advocates with expertise on a variety of issues.

Change and transition can be difficult but it can also afford opportunity for review and reflection. As the summer progresses and more changes come our way, the Coalition will stand strong and remain consistent in its support and advocacy for victims and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. I look forward to working with all of you on new issues, new initiatives, and new collaborations.

Joyce Grover
KCSDV Executive Director

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