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Welcome to the Spring 2013 edition of the SANE/SART Newsletter! The Kansas SANE/SART Newsletter shares news about upcoming trainings, information, and updates regarding forensic nursing, SARTs, networking possibilities, and a program highlight. Our goal is to support and enhance the great programs that already exist and help create new programs. Each newsletter will highlight a SANE or SART program, so please let us know about your program. You can send your information, ideas and suggestions for future newsletters to
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Welcome SANE/SART Coordinator
Recent KCSDV SANE/SART Trainings
Program Highlight
Sexual Assault Awareness Month
KS SANE List Serve
IAFN Kansas Chapter
Upcoming Trainings & Events

Welcome KCSDV Statewide SANE/SART Coordinator

Picture of Laurie Harrison

Laurie Harrison has joined KCSDV as its new Statewide SANE/SART Coordinator. Previously she worked with nurses and other hospital staff during her employment as a marketing and communications specialist at St. Francis Health Center in Topeka. She also served as KCSDV’s communications coordinator from 2004-2008.  She brings years of experience in public relations, writing and editing, coordinating and project management and is excited to return to KCSDV.

Recent KCSDV SANE/SART Trainings

Advanced SANE Course

On May 30, 2013 at Via Christi Hospital in Wichita, KCSDV sponsored the Advanced SANE Course for 20 nurses from across Kansas. This year’s course was taught by Jenifer Markowitz, ND, RN, WHNP-BC, former IAFN president, forensic nursing consultant and editor for Forensic Healthcare Online,, and Diana Schunn, RN, BSN, SANE-A, SANE-P, Executive Director for the Child Advocacy Center of Sedgwick County. This hands-on course focused on creating and maintaining sustainable SANE/SAFE programs. Participants worked in groups to review existing policies and procedures, examine business plans, and discuss financial sustainability.

40-Hour Pediatric SANE Course

KCSDV held its annual 40-Hour Pediatric SANE Course from April 15-17, 2013 at Salina Regional Health Center. Diana Schunn and Karen Groot, RN, SANE-A SANE-P, SANE/SART, Unit Coordinator for Salina Regional Health Center, taught the in-person portion of this course. Nurses from Salina, Wamego, Ellis, and Pittsburg were in attendance. The course, which includes 15 hours of online training modules and 25 hours of in-person training, included scenarios, workshops in identifying trauma and injury in children, courtroom testimony, and collaboration with other professionals.

40-Hour SANE/SART Adult-Adolescent Course

KCSDV sponsored its Spring 40-Hour SANE/SART Adult/Adolescent Course from April 29 - May 3, 2013 in Wichita. Twenty participants attended the course, including law enforcement, nurses, advocates, social workers, and crime lab technicians. The training focused on the forensic examination, understanding SARTs and the roles of prosecutors, defense attorneys, and advocates, testifying in court, the impact of trauma, among other critical SANE/SART related topics. The training was a good networking and collaboration-building opportunity, as well.

Program Highlight

Hays Medical Center
Carol Groen, RN, MSN, CEN, Director Outpatient Nursing Services & Special Projects; SANE Coordinator

The Hays Medical Center’s (HaysMed) SANE program started in 2010 as a commitment to the community, following a community meeting in which advocates, hospital administration, law enforcement, prosecutors, community members, and victims discussed the importance of having a SANE program in Hays. The program serves Hays and many of the surrounding communities. Carol Groen is the coordinator for the Hays SANE program. The program sees an average of 37 patients per year. Five nurses have completed training and are taking calls for the program, and three nurses are currently in training. Two RNs are preparing for the SANE certification exam.

HaysMed collaborated with the local community, law enforcement, prosecutors, advocates, and the Salina SANE team to establish its own SANE program, which has continued to grow over the years. Before the SANE program was established, sexual assault patients were seen in the emergency department, provided a medical screening exam, discharged from HaysMed, and directed to Salina (1.5 hours away) for the SANE exam. As Carol and community partners discovered, this travel time was difficult for patients, law enforcement and advocates.

HaysMed has an independent SANE room at the facility. Carol describes it as a perfect "safe place" that was located on the second floor of the hospital. The area had previously been used as an apartment in which patients could prepare for discharge from the inpatient rehab unit, so it was large enough to be used to perform the exams and secure enough to allow for the safe, locked storage of evidence while allowing controlled access to the area.

The SART in Hays is divided into two separate teams: SART Advisory and Community SART. Both teams work together to enhance the program. SART Advisory reviews cases and looks at policies and staffing, while the Community SART looks at funding and community education and support.

The Hays SANE program has collaborated with OPTIONS, the sexual assault and domestic violence advocacy program in Hays, and Fort Hays State University, to provide speakers from the SANE team to present at the annual Hays Domestic Violence Summit. This fall, HaysMed and OPTIONS will jointly sponsor the two-day conference on domestic violence and sexual assault, now in its third year.

April was

SAAM 2013 proclamation

Governor Brownback signed a proclamation stating that "with leadership, dedication and encouragement, there is evidencethat we can be successful in preventing sexual violence in Kansas through increased education, awareness and community involvement." The governor encouraged "all citizens to observe this month with appropriate programs and activities that promote awareness and prevention of the crime of sexual assault."The theme for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), recognized this past April, focused on healthy sexuality and child sexual abuse prevention. Participants were encouraged to begin having discussions about healthy childhood development to prevent child sexual abuse. Local sexual assault programs across Kansas held events to help bring awareness to these issues. Events included film screenings, health and information fairs, Take Back the Night, open mic nights, performance art, and a candlelight vigil.

Kansas SANE List Serve

The purpose of the Kansas SANE list serve is a forum for SANEs in Kansas to share information, resources, best practices, generate ideas and network on issues related to forensic nursing, sexual violence, Sexual Assault Nurse/Forensic Examiners and their programs. It also seeks to promote a collaborative learning environment within the state.

The list is moderated, meaning that when you send a message to the list it will first be reviewed by a moderator before being forwarded to the list. Kathy Wood at KCSDV is the moderator for the Kansas SANE list serve and she does her best to ensure that content is appropriate, unnecessary emails are avoided and the list guidelines are being followed. While moderators try to keep up with posts and forward them to the list as quickly as possible, please be patient if there is a delay.

To join the Kansas SANE list serve, contact Kathy Wood at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IAFN KS Chapter
IAFN Sunflower Chapter logo

Don’t forget to join the IAFN Sunflower Chapter!

Members of the Sunflower Chapter have the opportunity to network with other members, attend educational programs, and communicate with peers about forensic nursing. Some benefits of chapter membership include collegiality, discounted registration fees to local chapter events, opportunities for leadership roles within forensic nursing and educational programming. The IAFN Sunflower Chapter meets quarterly in various locations across Kansas to provide everyone a chance to attend the meetings. As a member of IAFN and the IAFN Sunflower Chapter, you can receive continuing education credits for presentations provided at the meetings.

For more information about the IAFN Sunflower Chapter, go to

Upcoming Trainings & Events


40-Hour SANE-SART Adult Adolescent Course
September 30-October 4, 2013
Lawrence Memorial Hospital - Lawrence, KS

Watch for more information and registration at:

UMKC SANE Training

Two dates to choose from:
September 7, 2013 - 8:00am-5:00pm
March 8, 2014 - 8:00am-5:00pm
University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Nursing

IAFN logo

IAFN: International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science & Practice
October 21-24, 2013
Disneyland Hotel
Anaheim, CA



Information about future trainings will be posted at Please check periodically for details and registration information, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 785-232-9784.


Kansas Coalition Against
Sexual And Domestic Violence

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Sexual Assault Resource Service

International Association of Forensic Nurses

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