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Picture of Jeremy and pilot.
Skydiver Jeremy Struemph (left) celebrates with Chris Hubbell, who was the pilot on all 53 skydives during the “Drop Abuse” fundraiser
Dropping out of the sky is one of Jason Struemph's passions in life, so he thought he would raise money for charity while doing it.

Skydive Kansas, along with skydiving enthusiast Struemph, organized the first "Drop Abuse" fundraiser to benefit KCSDV on June 14 at the Skydive Kansas hanger at Osage City's airport.

Struemph successfully completed 53 jumps, which set the state record for the most skydives in one day.

It took just over eight hours for Struemph to make 53 skydives, one for each incident of domestic violence reported to law enforcement daily across the state.

"I'm the one lucky enough to get to do it," Struemph said, thanking the many people from the skydiving community for making the event possible.

Picture of staff and volunteers.It took 18 staff and volunteers of Skydive Kansas to make the fundraiser possible.About 12 fellow skydivers and friends volunteered to pack nine different parachutes, fly the plane, track donations, and drive Jeremy in a donated golf cart from where he landed to across the field where the plane sat ready to take him up again.

About $3,000 was raised for KCSDV.

Struemph came up with the idea while talking with his skydiving instructor and owner of Skydive Kansas, Jen Sharp.

"We felt that there are a lot of great charities out there and we felt that this was a good one that needed more attention," Struemph said.

"Jumping out of an airplane 53 times should get people's attention." Sharp agreed. "With a little more attention to the issue, we thought we could make a huge difference."

You can still donate a dollar amount!

Visit or call Skydive Kansas at 785-840-JUMP (785-840-5867).

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