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Judge Jerry J. Bowles

Joyanna Silberg

Steven D. Zimmerman

KCSDV Sponsors Nationally Recognized Speakers

On June 17 and 18 at Washburn Law School in Topeka, national experts Judge Jerry J. Bowles, Circuit Court Judge in Louisville, KY, and Joyanna Silberg, Ph. D., Executive Vice President of the Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence, presented on best practices in complex family law cases involving sexual and domestic violence. This training was provided to advocates and attorneys. Current legal trends in divorce and custody cases, recent data and research to better understand the trends, and effective strategies for use were presented.

Steven D. Zimmerman, CPA, MBA, presented to 24 executive directors and financial managers of Kansas advocacy programs at a nonprofit financial management training on June 19-20 in Wichita. Mr. Zimmerman is the Principal of Spectrum Nonprofit Services where he provides training and consulting in the areas of finance and strategy for community-based organizations, foundations, and government agencies throughout the country. Steve is co-author of the book Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability. Steve’s integrated approach to nonprofits balances mission, impact, and financial viability. Steve also writes the Finance and Strategy column for Blue Avocado, an online magazine for nonprofits with 60,000 subscribers, and has also written for The Nonprofit Quarterly and Board Source. Steve’s extensive nonprofit experience includes serving as a Chief Financial Officer, Development Director, and Associate Director at community-based nonprofits where he performed turnarounds resulting in increased financial sustainability and programmatic reach.



Lynn Hecht Schafran
Lynn Hecht Schafran

Claudia Bayliff
Claudia Bayliff

KCSDV Preconference Institute at the 2014 Annual Crime Victims’ Rights Conference

KCSDV was pleased to sponsor the full-day Preconference Institute at this year’s Annual Crime Victims’ Rights Conference in May to approximately 300 participants. National experts Lynn Hecht Schafran and Claudia Bayliff from the National Judicial Education Program through Legal Momentum presented on intimate partner sexual violence (IPSV), an often overlooked yet prevalent and serious aspect of domestic violence cases. Although studies document that IPSV is perpetrated in 40-70% of domestic violence cases, with a profound impact on victims and critical implications for risk assessment, many barriers prevent victims from reporting IPSV—including the fact that often no one asks about it. When victims do disclose, service providers and the justice system often do not respond appropriately. Participants attending the conference were provided with information about the prevalence of IPSV, victim impact, the importance of understanding IPSV for risk assessment, strategies for disclosure and responding to IPSV, and other related issues. The interactive session also explored the language of violence against women and how to talk about and document IPSV in a way that more accurately depicts these crimes.

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