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Member Program Support: KCSDV provides assistance, support, and accreditation for its member programs. These programs provide support services to survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. They serve all 105 counties in Kansas. KCSDV's program support includes:

  • Providing basic domestic violence and sexual assault training for direct service advocates working in crisis centers, including basic and advanced Domestic Violence Advocacy Courses, and Sexual Assault Advocacy Courses;
  • Providing skill enhancement training for advocates and other professionals in order to improve services and effective responses to victims;
  • Assisting these programs with development of advocacy services, including board development, resource development, and expansion of services;
  • Assisting programs with data collection efforts to better track the prevalence and services to victims of sexual and domestic violence, stalking & dating violence; and
  • Accrediting domestic violence and sexual assault programs through a peer review process and through development of core services standards.

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