President and CEO – NNEDV in Washington, DC

President and CEO – NNEDV in Washington, DC

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President and CEO

National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV)

Washington, DC


The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) seeks a visionary President and CEO (CEO) to lead the organization’s work to create a social, political, and economic environment in which violence against women no longer exists. This is an exciting opportunity to shape a social change organization focused on making the eradication of domestic violence a national priority, changing the way society responds to domestic violence, and strengthening domestic violence advocacy at every level.

The Organization
Founded in 1990 as the Domestic Violence Coalition on Public Policy, NNEDV is a membership organization of the 56 state and territorial coalitions against domestic violence (“coalitions”) and supportive individuals, that promotes federal legislation and policy related to domestic violence and serves as a leading voice for survivors and their allies. In 1994, it led efforts to pass the landmark Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), authored by then-Senator Joe Biden. The historic law was the first federal legislation to strengthen the government’s response to crimes perpetrated against survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking. In 1995, shortly after the passage of VAWA, this organization became NNEDV.

Today, NNEDV provides training and assistance to the coalitions, local domestic violence shelters and providers (“local programs”), judges, law enforcement, major corporations, and other stakeholders. It furthers public awareness of domestic violence and works to change beliefs that condone intimate partner violence. Through cross-sector collaborations at the state, national, and international levels, NNEDV changes the way society addresses and works to prevent domestic violence through the following approaches:

  • Coalition/Capacity Technical Assistance – This project provides comprehensive, specialized consultation, assistance, and training to member coalitions and local programs, as well as to Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA) State Administrators, in order to best address the needs of survivors of domestic violence.
  • Policy and Legislation – NNEDV works closely with its members to understand the ongoing and emerging needs of domestic violence victims and advocacy programs, and makes sure those needs are heard and understood by policymakers at the national level, including legislative drafting, appropriations, federal agency policy, grassroots advocacy, and more.
  • Economic Justice – NNEDV’s Economic Justice project was founded to help coalitions, local programs, and the entire domestic violence field respond to, address, and prevent financial abuse. NNEDV will host its third annual Economic Justice Summit in June.
  • Housing – NNEDV’s Housing Project supports transitional housing programs across the country, provides training and program development, and advocates for improved housing-related policies and legislation. The project works to enhance services and accessibility for survivors, and assists coalitions in advocating for safe and affordable housing solutions.
  • Positively Safe – Developed in 2010, the Positively Safe project assists coalitions, local programs, and HIV advocacy groups in addressing the intersection of HIV/AIDS and domestic violence. Together with the National Domestic Violence & HIV/AIDS Advisory Committee, NNEDV developed a curriculum to train service providers in both fields by
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    building collaboration to address the intersection, and prevent both HIV and domestic violence.
  • Safety Net – This project focuses on the intersection of technology and intimate partner abuse, and works to address how it impacts the safety, privacy, accessibility, and civil rights of survivors. The Safety Net team helps coalitions provide leadership on privacy and technology within their states/territories, partners with international sister projects, and educates the broader community through resources shared on
  • WomensLaw – Founded in 2000 by a group of lawyers, teachers, advocates and web designers and integrated into NNEDV in 2010, WomensLaw promotes the power of the internet to educate survivors of domestic violence about their legal rights and ways to get help. WomensLaw provides easy-to-understand, state-specific legal information and resources, in English and Spanish, to those living with or escaping domestic violence or sexual assault, as well as a safe email Hotline for individualized legal information.


With a staff of 45, NNEDV is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors comprising state coalition directors, business and community leaders and members of important ally/stakeholder groups. The organization’s current budget is approximately $7.2M. NNEDV is financed through member dues, federal grants, training, and funds raised through a variety of private sources, including individual contributors, corporations, foundations and special events.

Recent Accomplishments
NNEDV has changed the way that the domestic violence field addresses a range of complex issues, from building capacity to better serve survivors, to the nuances and intersections of domestic violence with housing, technology, confidentiality, economic justice, health, legal protections and so much more. A few examples of NNEDV’s many accomplishments include:

  • 2019: Digital Services Toolkit – NNEDV launched a Digital Services Toolkit which offers resources for local programs to respond to survivors seeking help, including text, chat, video call and other digital technologies, with an emphasis on maintaining survivor safety and privacy.
  • 2019: Domestic Violence Counts: 13th Annual Census Report – This annual report raises awareness about domestic violence, the need for resources, and the incredible work that local domestic violence programs do every day. The report is based on a 24-hour unduplicated count of adults and children seeking domestic violence services in the US, the services they received, or were unable to receive, and the stories they told that day.
  • 2018-19: $50 Million in Housing Funding – The Census shows that safe housing (emergency, transitional, and long term) is the greatest unmet need for survivors. For the second year, our policy and appropriations advocacy has secured $50M in new housing funding dedicated specifically for survivors of domestic violence.
  • 2018: NNEDV Advocates for Survivors at the 2018 United State of Women Summit (USOW) – NNEDV joined USOW as a community partner for the USOW Summit in Los Angeles, CA, to teach, learn, inspire, and equip other change-makers, organizations and women-owned businesses to make progress on gender equity.
  • 2018: Second Annual Economic Justice Summit – As a part of NNEDV’s ongoing work to highlight and address the intersection of domestic violence and economic security, the three-day Summit brought together state domestic violence coalitions, advocates, and national experts to discuss and share strategies to improve economic security for survivors, particularly those who suffered financial abuse.
  • 2017: Tech Safety Mobile App Released in Spanish – NNEDV released a Spanish-language version of its Tech Safety mobile app as a resource for survivors of technology- facilitated stalking or abuse, their friends and family, and local program advocates.

For more information about the organization, visit the NNEDV website at

The Position
NNEDV seeks a visionary leader with an informed passion for ending domestic violence and a record of accomplishment in leading complex organizations. The successful candidate will build upon NNEDV’s extraordinary past and will harness the full power of the coalition members to advance NNEDV’s thought leadership and strengthen the voice of the domestic violence field.

Key Responsibilities
Accountable to the Board and working in partnership with member coalitions, the CEO will:

  • Work collaboratively and advocate passionately and effectively on behalf of survivors, coalitions, and local domestic violence programs.
  • Assure that near-term and long-range strategies are in place that leverage and build upon NNEDV’s strengths, mission, and core values.
  • Oversee the expansion and diversification of financial support from individuals, foundations, corporations and the public sector.
  • Oversee all programs, services, activities, finances, strategic plans and personnel decisions to ensure program objectives are met.
  • Protect and strengthen NNEDV’s brand by deepening and refining all aspects of communications, from web presence to external relations.
  • Elevate NNEDV’s standing as a national thought leader in the movement.
  • Provide sound fiscal management and grants administration, oversee all financial systems, and ensure fiscal accountability and integrity.
  • Seek opportunities to deepen NNEDV’s values related to social justice, equity, and intersectionality.
  • Develop materials and regular reports for the Board of Directors, oversee the preparation of the annual budget for Board approval, and work closely with the Board Chair to enhance the participation of Board members through strategic leveraging of member strengths.
  • Communicate organizational vision and strategy to staff, members, donors, and the public.
  • Maintain a work culture that values, flexibility, work-life balance, self-care, professional development and camaraderie to attract, retain, and motivate a diverse staff.

Experience and Attributes
Ideal candidates for this position will share a commitment to the organization’s mission and will bring a variety of experiences and attributes, including:

  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in the domestic violence and sexual assault movement and the ability to develop and implement bold initiatives that work to ensure the well-being, prosperity and advancement of all survivors.
  • Direct experience with the work to end violence; coalition building experience at local, state, and national levels; and/or experience with a national, social justice related advocacy organization.
  • Policy experience at the federal and/or state level.
  • Experience leading and inspiring a large, highly experienced, and diverse staff; success in fostering staff leadership and professional development; experience managing remote teams.
  • A deep understanding of intersectionality and knowledge of the broader issues impacting survivors and their children.
  • A masterful relationship-building skill set with a track-record of building strategic relationships: strong ability to lead in an environment that requires effective collaboration with partner organizations, coalitions, stakeholders, and individuals.
  • Experience setting a fundraising strategy that raised funds for programs/projects that do not provide direct services for individuals; experience managing multiple government grants.
  • Strong financial management and oversight expertise.
  • Demonstrated experience in advancing marketing and public relations in support of NNEDV’s goals, including inspiring public speaking and media spokesperson experience.
  • Strong business acumen and a high degree of financial literacy.
  • Political astuteness and mindfulness of dynamics in the field.
  • At least 10 years of executive leadership experience.

This position offers a flexible and collegial working environment at the Thomas Circle office location in downtown Washington, DC, and a competitive salary based on qualifications and experience. The position of CEO involves significant travel within the parameters of a non-profit organization. Benefits includes medical, dental, life and disability insurance, generous vacation and paid holidays, paid sick leave, and a 401(k) retirement plan. Vision insurance is available at nominal cost.

Application Process
To apply, email resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to For other inquiries, please contact Adrienne O’Rourke at

NNEDV is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace, and they are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.