Sexual Assault Advocacy Coordinator- KCSDV, Topeka -May 2022

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Sexual Assault Advocacy Coordinator- KCSDV, Topeka -May 2022

Position: Sexual Assault Advocacy Coordinator

Responsible To: Division Director

Primary Responsibility: Work with rural KCSDV member programs to improve sexual assault response and services. Provide intensive support, technical assistance, and training with specific focus on the project partners and their communities. Work with project partners to conduct needs assessments, review and adapt action plans, and implement and evaluate activities. Work closely with rural programs to develop sexual assault specific programming, best practice strategies, protocols, and training curricula for responding to the needs of survivors of sexual assault in rural communities.

Specific Duties:
• Become familiar with KCSDV, its vision, mission, and strategic framework.
• Become familiar with resources and information on best and culturally specific practices for sexual
assault response. Understand the intersections of racism and oppression to sexual assault.
• Understand policies, procedures, and practices of other agencies, government or otherwise, that impact
survivors of sexual assault; and the rights of survivors of sexual assault and Kansas law that impacts
• Identify needs, develop priorities and goals, and implement an action plan together with project
• Develop sexual assault-specific training curricula to train advocates, volunteers, law enforcement, allied
professionals, and community members.
• Develop and provide trainings to rural SARTs and SANEs, in collaboration with other KCSDV staff.
• Work with rural member programs to develop and strengthen collaborations.
• Develop best practice resources for combined Community Coordinated Response (CCR) teams,
Multidisciplinary Teams (MDTs) and/or Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs).
• Develop and conduct trainings for rural law enforcement that focuses on trauma-informed and
offender-focused sexual assault investigations.
• Provide technical assistance on issues related to the project.
• Assist with other KCSDV duties as assigned.

Employment Status: 100% full-time, non-exempt

Benefits: Paid health, dental, life, and long- and short-term disability insurance, Section 125 mini-flex plan, and
401K Plan contribution

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Previous experience advocating for survivors in rural communities. Ability to
work collaboratively with systems and professionals to improve responses and programming as it intersects with
the needs of survivors of sexual assault. Ability to develop materials and train on topics relevant to this position.
Proven writing and training ability. Ability to work as a team. Bilingual preferred. Demonstrated ability to
maintain confidentiality. Ability to travel and have means of own transportation. Must be able to lift and carry
20-30 lbs.

Applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and 3 professional references.

Salary Range: $45,000 – $55,000

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Applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and 3 professional references to Subject: Rural Sexual Assault Project Coordinator position.