Legal Assistance

The Legal Assistance for Victims (LAV) Project provides free legal assistance to sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking survivors. Although grant funding permits the acceptance of cases involving domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, there is a focus and emphasis on non-intimate partner sexual violence for this LAV Project. Legal assistance includes, but is not limited to: employment law; housing law; education and administrative law; sexual harassment and discrimination claims; immigration remedies; and privacy issues; protection orders; among other legal matters survivors face. Applications should be completed by the survivor with the assistance of the survivor’s Victim Advocate. Applications are reviewed by the KCSDV LAV Project staff. If accepted, the case is set for either internal representation or representation through a contract attorney. Contract attorneys are selected for their experience and for their proximity to the survivor. Survivors from all geographic areas of the state are encouraged to apply, as representation is not limited to a specific area or city.

Acceptance to the LAV Project does not guarantee the LAV Project will secure you representation. It is encouraged that applicants continue to look for legal representation, including applying to Kansas Legal Services, while a LAV application is pending or contract attorney is being sought.

We are accepting applications! If you are a victim, please contact a Victim Advocate for assistance.

For any questions, the LAV Project email address is

For victims, victim advocates, attorneys, prosecutors, and judges, also see the Legal Resources webpage.

Last Updated on Jul 29, 2021