Other Kansas Resources

The Self Advocate Coalition of Kansas (SACK) is a statewide advocacy group made up of adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, the majority of whom receive services through the Kansas Developmental Disabilities Service System.  SACK encourages and teaches people to speak up for themselves and to obtain the highest possible level of independence. SACK’s mission is to promote empowerment and independence for adults with developmental disabilities. http://www.sackonline.org/

A victim and survivor of domestic violence can apply for Affordable Care Act Marketplace health care insurance (https://www.healthcare.gov/) at anytime of the year by requesting the special enrollment period (SEP). And, victims and survivors will need to enroll within 60 days of applying for a Affordable Care Act Marketplace health care insurance plan via the SEP. (Just FYI: Normally, the open enrollment period for HealthCare.gov Affordable Care Act Marketplace health care insurance plans (https://www.healthcare.gov/) is November 1 – December 15 — for health care insurance coverage for non-crisis enrollment.)

Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence (KCSDV) is a member of the Cover Kansas Coalition, which is a statewide Kansas group of community partners whose mission is to build awareness, facilitate enrollment, and promote health insurance literacy through collaboration, education, and engagement in an effort to reduce the rate of uninsured in Kansas. Visit Cover Kansas Coalition’s website at http://www.coverks.org/.

Contact https://www.healthcare.gov/ with any questions.

Voting in the General Election 2020

People can complete the Census Survey 2020 at https://2020census.gov/. The last day to complete the census survey is October 15, 2020. 


This link is helpful for talking with survivors about the Census. Toward the end, there is some information specific to DV shelters and the Census. https://www.techsafety.org/2020-us-census-considerations-for-survivors-of-domestic-violence


KCSDV is a part of the statewide collaborative push for Kansans to complete the Census Survey. Completing the Census Survey is important, because the people counts and demographics with which we each respond in our completed Census Surveys contribute to the totals created by everyone’s submissions. Those totals determine how many U.S. Representatives Kansas sends to Congress (seats of federal representation) and helps determine the amount of federal funds allotted to Kansas (including in the form of “formula” grants). Complete your Census Survey, so we ensure accuracy of population counts and get the seats and support our state needs – and please encourage others to do so as well!


The collaborative effort is what this gathering in April 2019 was all about: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10156665294217659&set=a.10156665294707659