Strategic Framework

Educate about the nature of sexual and domestic violence, their effects, and best practice responses.
Advocate for policy changes to promote safety, accountability, and justice.

  • Initiate and support laws, policies and funding opportunities on the local, state and national levels.

  • Provide a public policy agenda.

  • Provide policy advocacy training for members.

  • Assist with implementing and training on new public policy initiatives.

Launch new or endorse existing initiatives that connect sexual and domestic violence to other forms of oppression.

  • Develop statewide information networks to increase communication.

  • Foster collaborative partnerships and initiatives challenging attitudes, behaviors and beliefs regarding rigid gender roles, oppression and other norms that support sexual and domestic violence.

  • Develop a communications plan to address sexual and domestic violence and social change efforts, including responses to major events and critical incidents.

Cultivate partnerships to promote safety, accountability and justice.

  • Utilize information and data to increase victim/survivor safety and support, while holding perpetrators accountable.

  • Initiate, develop and support promising and evidence-informed practices, model policies and protocols and cross-system collaboration.

  • Serve as an information clearinghouse.

  • Establish state-wide plans with stakeholders to prevent and respond to sexual and domestic violence.

  • Participate on national and state boards, commissions, committees and task groups to advocate for effective responses to victims/survivors.

Create networking and professional development opportunities among service providers to enhance their organization’s provision/quality of services.

  • Member programs for specialized trainings.

  • Conduct trainings for all direct service programs and sexual and domestic violence advocates.

  • Advocate for increased and secured funding at the state and federal levels for local services.

Strengthen the organization’s ability internally and externally to advance its vision and mission.

  • Develop and implement evaluation, data collection and needs assessment tools and procedures that are appropriate to the scope of organization's work.

  • Develop matrix of current funds and create a sustainable fundraising plan.

  • Evaluate and revise, as needed, current administrative, employment, and board policies and procedures.

  • Provide staff development opportunities.