Strategic Framework

Educate about the nature of sexual and domestic violence, their effects, and best practice responses.
Public Policy
Advocate for policy changes to promote safety, accountability, and justice.

  • Initiate and support laws, policies, and funding opportunities on the local, state, and national levels.

  • Provide a public policy agenda.

  • Provide policy advocacy training for members.

  • Assist with implementing and training on new public policy initiatives.

Social Change (Prevention/Awareness)
Launch new or endorse existing initiatives that connect sexual and domestic violence to other forms of oppression.
Collaboration - Connection
Cultivate partnerships to promote safety, accountability, and justice.

  • Utilize information and data to increase victim and survivor safety and support, while holding perpetrators accountable.

  • Initiate, develop, and support promising and evidence-informed practices, model policies and protocols and cross-system collaboration.

  • Serve as an information clearinghouse.

  • Establish state-wide plans with stakeholders to prevent and respond to sexual and domestic violence.

  • Participate on national and state boards, commissions, committees, and task groups to advocate for effective responses to victims and survivors.

Create networking and professional development opportunities among service providers to enhance their organization’s provision/quality of services.

  • Convene member programs for specialized trainings.

  • Conduct trainings for all direct service programs and sexual and domestic violence advocates.

  • Advocate for increased and secured funding at the state and federal levels for local services.

Organizational Vitality
Strengthen the organization’s ability internally and externally to advance its vision and mission.

  • Develop and implement evaluation, data collection and needs assessment tools and procedures that are appropriate to the scope of organization's work.

  • Develop matrix of current funds and create a sustainable fundraising plan.

  • Evaluate and revise, as needed, current administrative, employment, and board policies and procedures.

  • Provide staff development opportunities.

Last Updated on Aug 6, 2019