Kansas Governor Laura Kelly Proclaims October 2020 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month (#DVAM2020)

The image shows the Proclamation by the Governor document. The document is the Domestic Violence Awareness Month Proclamation by Kansas Governor Laura Kelly. The Governor proclaimed October 2020 in Kansas as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
The text reads:




WHEREAS, domestic violence is a widespread, preventable, public health problem impacting all demographics of Kansans and Kansas communities; and


WHEREAS, relationships are often counted as life’s greatest treasures, and tragically, many are tarnished by one person’s feeling of entitlement to power and control over the other, resulting in violence and fear; and


WHEREAS, domestic violence abusers violate an individual’s privacy, dignity, security, and humanity – with their intentional, systematic use of financial, psychological, sexual, and physical coercive control and abuse; and


WHEREAS, the U.S. Department of Justice reports domestic violence homicides comprise 14% percent of all homicides in the U.S. and that women are more than twice as likely as men to be killed by an intimate partner; the Kansas Bureau of Investigation reports 37 domestic violence homicides were 25.3% of all homicides in Kansas in 2018; and


WHEREAS, in Kansas in 2018, a domestic violence abuser murdered another person every 9 days; a domestic violence abuser committed a violent act reported to law enforcement every 21 minutes; and law enforcement made an arrest due to domestic violence every 43 minutes; and


WHEREAS, we as the governing body of Kansas recognize this violence is inconsistent with Kansas values and cannot be tolerated; and


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Laura Kelly, GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF KANSAS, do hereby proclaim October 2020, as


Domestic Violence Awareness Month


And I call this observance to the attention to all our citizens.

The goal of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) is to increase awareness about domestic violence and its impact on individuals, families, and communities as way to help prevent the widespread, public health problem. Find out how you can help at https://mailchi.mp/kcsdv/fall-2020-newsletter-full. Learn more about domestic violence on the KCSDV website at https://www.kcsdv.org/learn-more/domestic-violence/. #DVAM2020


Feel free to download the proclamation to have for yourself:

State Proclamation_DVAM 2020


Last Updated on Oct 28, 2020