Communities can help combat domestic violence and increase safety

Communities can help combat domestic violence and increase safety

TOPEKA KAN Jan 13, 2022 – “We were alarmed and saddened to hear of three domestic-violence related homicides and a suicide within the first weeks of the new year in Kansas,” said KCSDV Executive Director Joyce Grover.

These Kansas deaths included three in Larned and one in El Dorado. In 2020, 34 Kansans were killed in domestic violence incidents.

“These are lives lost too soon. They are people someone knew and loved.”

“The needless loss of life is distressing and is something our coalition members work every day to prevent and eliminate. We know that incidents of sexual and domestic violence are underreported. While much work is being done statewide by victim advocates and other allies to reach out to victims and assure resources are available across the state, there are still many victims who never tell anyone about abuse and violence inflicted upon them,”

“For every survivor who reaches out for services, there are countless others who aren’t receiving services or don’t know that services are available. And, for those who are attempting to leave their abusers, they are often facing increased risks for violence, including murder,” Grover said.

Today and every day victims deserve safety and justice. Here are tips on how to support a victim or to start a conversation.

KCSDV urges all communities to assess what they can do to create safer and more immediate responses for victims and survivors and their children. As Kansans, there is something everyone can do: Know the Kansas Crisis Hotline number, 888-END-ABUS(E) or 888-363-2287 and be ready to share it confidentially with victims or publicly in your business or office. Know where your local services are and assure victims will have the contact information of their local victim advocacy services organization when they need it. These services can be found at



Founded in 1982, the purpose of the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence (KCSDV) is the prevention and elimination of sexual and domestic violence through a statewide network of programs providing support and safety for all victims of sexual and domestic violence and stalking with a primary focus on women and their children; direct services; public awareness and education; advocacy for victims; comprehensive prevention; and social change efforts. Learn more at

Last Updated on Jan 14, 2022