KCSDV Urges Legislature to Maintain Funding for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services

Topeka, KS, 2-13-2013 – Today is a part of KCSDV’s 10th Annual Safe Homes, Safe Streets event in which KCSDV invites domestic violence and sexual assault advocates from across the state to gather in Topeka. Activities include a full-day training for professionals, awareness events at the Capitol, and celebrations such as a benefit reception this evening.

There are programs that provide free and confidential services to survivors of sexual and domestic violence in every corner of the state – literally all 105 counties in Kansas. To find the program in your area, visit www.kcsdv.org/find-help/in-kansas/dv-sa-services/.

But these agencies cannot end sexual and domestic violence on their own. “I challenge each member of the community to commit to memory the hotline number of your local agency” says Joyce Grover, executive director of KCSDV. “Statistically, you or someone you know will need to call that number sometime in their lives.”

“We, as the Coalition of their voices, cannot put an end to this violence on our own, either,” says Grover. “In order to truly end this violence – violence that is preventable – we must all stand with advocates and survivors in Kansas.”

KCSDV asks the public to stand with them by learning a bit more about these complex issues. Stand with them by asking legislators and the governor to support sustained and reliable public funding of the vital services to survivors.


Last Updated on Jan 21, 2019