RALIANCE Statement on Department of Education Title IX Guidance


RALIANCE Statement on Department of Education Title IX Guidance

The Department of Education’s proposed Title IX regulations are troubling and disappointing. By narrowing the definition of sexual harassment and limiting cases for which schools are responsible, they will make America’s college campuses less safe for survivors of sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse.

The research is clear: Campus sexual assault is widespread and devastating. Study after study has found that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men will experience sexual assault while in college. SecretaryDeVos’ reported new guidance flies in the face of that evidence, emboldens victim-blaming attitudes and behaviors, fails survivors and parents, and will render our schools less safe.

There is no doubt that millions of individuals throughout the country, especially students, have benefited from Title IX’s important protections. And it is important to remember that politics aside, a great deal of progress has been made in the past decade by institutions of higher education in firmly taking a stand against sexual violence – and we won’t go back. Even in the face of this decision, colleges and universities can and should continue to embrace policies that protect the equality and safety of all students.

Even if our federal government changes course on Title IX, the law remains unequivocal: Educational institutions have a responsibility to prevent the things that create hostile environments, including sexual violence. We challenge our colleagues and communities around the country to prioritize creating a safe campus culture where sexual harassment, misconduct and abuse are not tolerated.

At RALIANCE, we remain as committed as ever to ending sexual violence in one generation. Campus safety should be priority #1 for all our students – and that begins with building a campus culture rooted in respect and equality.

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Last Updated on Dec 18, 2018