Victim Services Are (Still) Open and Available

TOPEKA, Kan. – Kansas domestic and sexual violence victim services programs with domestic violence shelters and advocacy services in cities and communities across the state are still open.

People can find the victim services provider nearest to them online at

Victims and survivors can always call the Kansas Crisis Hotline at 888-363-2287 to connect to a Victim Advocate. The helpline is free, confidential, voluntary, and available 24/7/365.

Victims and survivors face many barriers, and the current pandemic presents additional challenges. Abusers typically belittle, demean, and isolate their victims in a variety of ways. Staying home for victims and survivors can be dangerous and further isolating. Abusers may be restricting ways of getting information and providing inaccurate information. Rape victims may be afraid of going to the hospital for a forensic exam. KCSDV encourages all people, especially victims and survivors, to connect, or remain connected, to those you trust and with whom you have mutual respect. Advocates can help.

“Staying at home doesn’t mean staying in an unsafe home or being alone with your fears,” said the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence (KCSDV)’s Executive Director Joyce Grover. “There is help open and available – just a phone call away.”

Information and resources:

Find more information and resources on KCSDV’s website at





Last Updated on May 13, 2020